Kebbel Taken By the Story of Silver Cord

Following up on this find last week regarding the supernatural drama/thriller Silver Cord, went to star Arielle Kebbel (The Uninvited) to get an update on the project. “We have not filmed yet, it’s postponed at the moment,” she reveals. “The movie deserves to get made. To sign on to tell the story was like a dream come true.”

Her desire to participate in the film is genuine for a number of reasons, namely because the plot is inspired by true events. Director and co-writer James Ordonez based much of the story on his brother who was declared clinically dead on multiple occasions. He eventually passed away in 2004. Such an intriguing premise captured Kebbel. “Silver Cord is about a man who suffers from a disease where he’s pronounced dead and actually comes back to life over fourteen times. And every time he crosses over, he has out-of-body experiences and meets up with who he calls the love of his life, a woman named Claudia, who I play. And they’d always pick up where I left off. It’s all about the out-of-body experience. Is he happier in this other world or on Earth?”The “silver cord” of the film is the binding force that connects the soul to the body. “Halfway through the story there’s an out-of-body experience, [the main character’s] friends figure out – with the help of Val Kilmer as the professor – his silver cord has been snapped and they’re fighting evil spirits in this alternate universe. They have to bring him back before they disassembling his body. Which is part of the true story.” Kebbel says Ordonez’s brother was an organ donor and during one of his multiple “deaths,” “they were in surgery and he woke up. It’s all documented and one of most extraordinary stories I’ve ever heard.”

Silver Cord was co-written by Ken Gord. Cam Gigandet, Shane West, Eric Balfour and the aforementioned Kilmer also star.

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