Month: December 2008

Merry Xmas to everyone!

Hope you all have a wonderful Happy Merry Christmas & Happy New Year toward 2009 with your family & friends

Arielle Kebbel on Men’s Health Magazine

Arielle is featured on the pages of Men’s Health January & February 2009 Issue. Thanks to Tona for the scans! If posted elsewhere, please credit to Arielle Kebbel Fan.

– Scans in 2009: Men’s Health – January/February

Kebbel Taken By the Story of Silver Cord

Following up on this find last week regarding the supernatural drama/thriller Silver Cord, went to star Arielle Kebbel (The Uninvited) to get an update on the project. “We have not filmed yet, it’s postponed at the moment,” she reveals. “The movie deserves to get made. To sign on to tell the story was like a dream come true.”

Her desire to participate in the film is genuine for a number of reasons, namely because the plot is inspired by true events. Director and co-writer James Ordonez based much of the story on his brother who was declared clinically dead on multiple occasions. He eventually passed away in 2004. Such an intriguing premise captured Kebbel. “Silver Cord is about a man who suffers from a disease where he’s pronounced dead and actually comes back to life over fourteen times. And every time he crosses over, he has out-of-body experiences and meets up with who he calls the love of his life, a woman named Claudia, who I play. And they’d always pick up where I left off. It’s all about the out-of-body experience. Is he happier in this other world or on Earth?” Continue reading

Kebbel’s Suspicious Research for Red Mist

 “High five!” smiles actress Arielle Kebbel, raising her hand, when I confess I’m happy to see Paddy Breathnach’s UK horror movie Red Mist is retaining it’s original title instead of its second, temporary, moniker Freakdog. She agrees, the latter name simply did not fit.

We’re sitting at the Palomar Hotel talking about her turn in the theatrical release The Uninvited, but our conversation has segued to the other genre fare we’ll see her in quite soon, including Red Mist, an Anchor Bay DVD release. In the film, a group of medical students pull a prank on a janitor, sending him into a coma. But he exacts revenge from his hospital bed when one of the students injects him with an experiment drug to revive him. Sarah Carter, Stephen Dillane, Andrew Lee Potts, Michael J. Reynolds and MyAnna Buring co-star. Continue reading

New Arielle Event Updates

I’ve uploaded new events of Arielle attending The Wrestler Los Angeles Premiere on December 16, 2008 & D&G Flagship Boutique Opening on December 15, 2008. Sorry for the late updates!

– Events in 2008: The Wrestler Los Angeles Premiere
– Events in 2008: D&G Flagship Boutique Opening