Kebbel’s Suspicious Research for Red Mist

 “High five!” smiles actress Arielle Kebbel, raising her hand, when I confess I’m happy to see Paddy Breathnach’s UK horror movie Red Mist is retaining it’s original title instead of its second, temporary, moniker Freakdog. She agrees, the latter name simply did not fit.

We’re sitting at the Palomar Hotel talking about her turn in the theatrical release The Uninvited, but our conversation has segued to the other genre fare we’ll see her in quite soon, including Red Mist, an Anchor Bay DVD release. In the film, a group of medical students pull a prank on a janitor, sending him into a coma. But he exacts revenge from his hospital bed when one of the students injects him with an experiment drug to revive him. Sarah Carter, Stephen Dillane, Andrew Lee Potts, Michael J. Reynolds and MyAnna Buring co-star.“It was a phenomenal experience,” says Kebbel who liked the film’s supernatural angle but “For me, I got to play a pre-med student and I actually got to go around a medical facility here in town. And I’m not even going to tell you the things I witnessed. All I can say is that if you put on a white lab coat, you should not do some of the things that I did and got away with it. I got to do a lot of research. It was a more adult role for me to take on which I was looking forward to. Very sophisticated and on top of that you have all of the crazy psychological stuff that goes on.”

Red Mist streets on February 10th.

Source: Shock Till You Drop


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