Arielle is featured on the pages of Men’s Health January & February 2009 Issue. Thanks to Tona for the scans! If posted elsewhere, please credit to Arielle Kebbel Fan.

– Scans in 2009: Men’s Health – January/February

Dec 23, 2008  •  Joshua
One Response to “Arielle Kebbel on Men’s Health Magazine”

January 1, 09 • 7:18 am

so she have broke up with Turner? I wish I can meet her in the future, but I think thats not going to happend 🙁
She played damn well in “the grudge 2” and in “Shark” (2006). Well… I hope you will find a man who loves you for his whole heart. A man who can give you what you want.

Happy new year

Good luck Arielle Kebbel<3, i hope you will find your dream man

(sorry for my bad english x] )

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