Month: January 2009

Arielle Kebbel Shares Music Favorites With ARTISTdirect

Arielle Kebbel Shares Music Favorites With ARTISTdirect

Arielle Kebbel found inspiration from many different places for her character Alex Rydell in The Uninvited, including the musical world. She has a diverse palette for sonic treats, and she shared musical experiences, her ideas for a soundtrack, and some of her favorite bands with in this exclusive interview.

If you were to create a soundtrack for the film, what bands would you pick and why?

Good question! It’s funny I am very sensitive to music with all of my characters. I actually spend a lot of time thinking about music ahead of time and what the character would listen to and maybe what Arielle Kebbel would listen to in order to help get me into that character. So for me, Incubus has significant meaning just because that was how I started my day every morning. It was one of the soundtracks that helped transfer me from Arielle to Alex. So now anytime I hear a couple of those songs—which I prefer to keep private—it takes me back to feeling like Alex for a minute [laughs]. Continue reading

Movie Profile: ‘UnInvited’ Actresses tell the Tale of Two Sisters

Last fall, Paramount Pictures invited iF Magazine and a handful of other reporters to visit the set of THE UNINVITED in Vancouver, Canada which is a remake of the Asian horror film A TALE OF TWO SISTERS.

The film focuses on Anna (Emily Browning) who has returned home after a stint in the psycho ward after the death of her mom only to find her mom’s evil nurse Rachel (Elizabeth Banks) has married her dad (David Strathairn). Along with her sister Alex (Arielle Kebbel), the two of them start piecing together a mystery that may reveal her mom’s death was not an accident. Along the way, there’s spooky little kids roaming around, a remote cabin, an integral mystery, and of course scares galore. Continue reading

Video: The Uninvited Interview

Video of Arielle been interviewed for The Uninvited.

Arielle Kebbel thrills in The Uninvited

Arielle Kebbel has every reason to be fearful in The Uninvited. In the thriller premiering in theaters January 30, Elizabeth Banks spooks Kebbel and so much more.

The Uninvited paints a family picture that is somewhat common in modern day America. Of course, minus the thrills provided by Kebbel, Banks and the entire cast. Here we have a single parent (in this case father played by David Strathairn), raising young children who as a family have to deal with the addition of a new love interest for the adult. And thus, the suspicious and often thrilling ride that is The Uninvited begins. Continue reading

The Uninvited Stills

I’ve uploaded more new stills of Arielle from ‘The Uninvited‘.

– The Uninvited: Stills

Arielle in The Uninvited Stills

I have uploaded new stills of Arielle in The Uninvited.

– The Uninvited: Stills