Month: June 2016

We’re Back + Added New Events!

We are back! My host moved our site to a new server and didn’t tell me how to update everything to where it wouldn’t be down. I am so sorry for the downtime we experience. Thank you to my good friend Kyle who got us back on our feet! I will be adding tons of new and exciting new stuff that I’ve collected while the site is offline. You can see where some stuff has already been added to the gallery and that were photos I was having troubles adding on the old server.

2006 >> July 15th: “John Tucker Must Die” Press Conference Portraits by Yoram Kahana [x25]
2008 >>
September 27th: 2008 Bangkok International Film Festival Photoshoot [x09]
2008 >> September 27th: Bangkok International Film Festival 2008 – Portraits, Bangkok, Thailand [x21]
2011 >> January 25th: 2011 Sundance Portraits I Melt With You [x13]
2011 >>
January 26th: 2011 Sundance Film Festival Portraits by Chris Pizzello [x14]
2011 >>
June 7th: Australians In Films 2011 Breakthrough Awards Portraits [x07]
2011 >>
September 9th: 2011- TIFF Portrait – Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best [x12]
2011 >>
September 9th: 2011- TIFF Portrait – Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best By Jeff Vespa [x23]
2012 >>
April 23rd- 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Portraits by Larry Busacca [x15]
2013 >>
May 23rd: Clearly Chateau [x15]
2013 >>
December 2nd: Domingo Zapatas WANTED Exhibition [x09]
2013 >>
December 3rd: Dimensions By Devonte Hynes And Ryan Mcnamara At Pamm During Art Basel 2015 [x08]
2016 >>
April 7th: Arriving in Vancouver for 50 Shades filming [x09]
2016 >>
June 12th: ATX OC Reading [x02]
2016 >>
June 12th: 2016 ATX Television Festival Portraits by Larsen and Talbert [x04]

Florida Actress Arielle Kebbel Makes Impassioned Plea for Change After Orlando Shooting

The actress made her comments at the end of the final panel of the ATX Festival after leading a script reading of ‘The O.C’ pilot episode.

The fifth annual ATX Television Festival ended on a somber note Sunday when actress and festival ambassador Arielle Kebbel took a moment to pay tribute to the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Kebbel, who hails from nearby Winter Park, Flo., opened up about the “devastating event” after a script reading of The O.C. pilot which she and other celebrities participated in. The shooting left at least 50 dead and 53 more injured.

“Now is the time for change,” Kebbel said after the end of the reading. The Vampire Diaries actress went onto to urge those in attendance to help facilitate that change through voting, through writing letters to the families of the victims, or “whatever feels comfortable for you.”

Kebbel went on to point to the laughter heard in the room during the script reading. “Laughter is a beautiful thing and I do believe that love and happiness and people coming together can change America,” she also said.

Earlier in the day, the festival canceled a panel on violence on TV that was set for Sunday morning in the wake of the shooting. In addition, a vigil will be held near festival headquarters in downtown Austin Sunday evening.