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First off, we have a beautiful new theme (finally) from Claudia. She used some of the recent shoots that Arielle has done. I’ve also added all the missing events from 2022 and 3 events that Arielle has attended this year. We also can be visited at This was the only TLD left of Arielle […]

Whew, it didn’t seem that we took that much of a break but I had been quietly working on revamping the gallery but kept the site open until then. Eventually when my host was running out of space (the site itself was well over 30 GB), I decided to close the site down for maintenance […]

July 7, 2020   Arielle Kebbel Fan

I am going to be doing some minor gallery updates to the files and making the site better when it comes to events. Until then, the gallery will remain offline and when it’s finished, I’ll open the gallery again. Thank you for being patient while I work behind the scenes on making it much more […]

After several years down, we are finally back up. The gallery has over 20,000 + new photos and an almost complete filmography screen capped. I’ve also added a new filmography section that took some time to complete so check that out here. I’m gonna start by adding all of 2020 appearances thus far that Arielle […]

May 30, 2017   Arielle Kebbel Fan

Today marks our 2 year anniversary since we have re-launched. I’ve always admired Arielle and I will never ever give up on this site. She has been a great support in my love for Hollywood, and even if I think she’s so under-rated and needs something big, I will always be there to support her. […]

February 19, 2017   Arielle Kebbel Fan

We here at Arielle Kebbel Fan wish Arielle the best 32nd birthday and wish her nothing but health, happiness and a great career in 2017. We’re looking forward to seeing her in Midnight Texas and next years Fifty Shades of Grey: Freed. Feel free to leave birthday messages below.