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The League S07E09- ‘The Yank Banker’ HD Screencaptures

Playing a little catch up on previous recent TV appearances Arielle has done I’ve finally added the last episode Arielle star in on The League. It was her last time playing Libby. The episode was simply titled: The Yank Banker.

Pete isn’t sure if he wants to commit to Libby; Taco embraces his day job in the banking world; Andre’s patient is a college crush.

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The League ‘7×04- Deflategate’ + New Look!

I’ve added screen-captures of Arielle recent appearance on The League as well as added a brand new layout to the site. I got tired of looking at the previous one for numerous reason (you couldn’t see the side well). As you all know from her interview with Heidi and Frank Show she has at least one more appearance left on the show.
(Please note that some of the screen captures contain sex scene that Arielle has particpated in on the show.)

TV Productions > The League > 7×04: Deflategate x101

The League ‘The Blind Spot’ Screencaptures Added

Screencaptures from Arielle’s brief cameo in The League have been added to the gallery. From her recent twitter update it looks like this won’t be the only time we see Arielle on The League.

TV Productions > The League > 7×03: The Blind Spot x31