Since her introduction, Lucy has been a breath of fresh air on an otherwise dreary season of ‘9-1-1.’

After both Chimney (Kenneth Choi) and Eddie (Ryan Guzman) took their leave from the firehouse during FOX’s 9-1-1 Season 5, two newcomers joined in their stead: Lucy Donato (Arielle Kebbel) and Jonah Greenway (Bryce Durfee). Jonah turned out to be a dark force causing chaos and death under the guise of saving people, which Hen (Aisha Hinds) and the gang discover after Claudette (Vanessa Estelle Williams) dies, despite her being in stable condition before the ambulance left for the hospital. However, even though Jonah turned out to be a bad egg, Lucy has been a breath of mostly fresh air for the show in an otherwise painfully dreary season.

Honestly, Lucy didn’t get off to the best start on 9-1-1 Season 5. Her firehouse assisted the 118 with a call to save a family stuck in a car that had a bomb planted under it — with sensors to make sure the driver didn’t remove his foot from the gas pedal or go under a certain speed. Lucy made a bold move, using an item to jam the gas pedal down and remove the driver before the vehicle exploded. This helped to “earn” her a spot on the 118, but not before some tension with the one and only Buck (Oliver Stark). After their shift, Buck and Lucy, amongst others, went to a bar to celebrate, where Buck and Lucy shared a kiss… despite Buck being in a serious relationship with longtime girlfriend Taylor Kelly (Megan West). This created tension between Buck and Lucy after she joined the 118 because Buck thought he wouldn’t have to face that slip-up, which threw his relationship with Taylor through a loop. Thankfully, since this kiss, any indication of romance between Buck and Lucy has faded away… aside from Taylor’s obvious jealousy in “May Day.”

Since the ill-fated kiss, Lucy’s presence on the 118 has been quite enjoyable. It’s interesting to see someone else join the team and learn how being a part of this particular firehouse differs from the rest. She’s seen how close everyone is, and has slowly started to feel more at home with her new family. She’s faced some unbelievable things already, like her lucky catch of the woman dropping from a high rise, saving the woman’s life in a way that could never be repeated. Watching her struggle to accept that, while trying to figure out how to ensure she could do it again — as we do in Season 5, Episode 14 — is an exciting new way to show Lucy as someone unique. She’s not able to just accept the ridiculousness and lucky breaks. But, it’s because she is so focused on giving it her all to save everyone. It’s a fresh way of showing the toll that being in this line of work can take on someone, and what they’re willing to do to keep going forward. She’s already proven herself a true hero, and as someone willing to do whatever it takes and think outside the box to save someone who needs her.

Even though Lucy has only been around for a few episodes now, she’s already shown she would make a great addition to the 118. Seemingly getting rid of the potential romance between Buck and Lucy was the right call to make, and it helped show Lucy as someone more than just a one-off character brought in to cause drama. She has been tested as a firefighter already, which has given us an idea of how much this job means to her. Taking it slow with introducing us to Lucy helped ensure we wouldn’t grow tired of her, and it also made her entanglement with this established team more believable. The 118 is closer than most, which means they aren’t easily able to let others in. She’s struggled since joining the team, confiding in Jonah… unfortunately… about how the 118 is just so different from anything else she’s experienced, but she’s certainly never given any impression to suggest she wants anything other than to be a part of this beautiful family.

Lucy hasn’t interacted too much with the other firefighters yet, but the platonic (so far) relationship between Buck and Lucy has been intriguing to watch. Before Lucy’s introduction, she was described by the powers that be as the “female Buck” (which probably wasn’t the right way to go about things, as Buck is truly one of a kind). That lasted for about one episode, and then it seemed like the writers took a different approach. Lucy doesn’t feel like any other character we’ve seen in the 9-1-1 universe. She’s different, unique, and has her own — still unknown — motivations for stepping up to protect others. She’s special, dedicated, and determined, which is what makes her the perfect character to finally expand the 118 for the first time since Eddie joined during the second season. Plus, the team is in desperate need of more women. Hen has been the only woman in the firehouse since the beginning of the show, and it’s beyond time for that to change. The fifth season has cut back on the time at the call center since Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) quit her job, but even what time we did spend at the call center had a lot of Josh (Bryan Safi) and, as of late, Eddie. There’s been a lot of focus on the men this season, so Lucy’s energy has been very welcome in the midst of that.

9-1-1 has created a character with quite a bit of potential in Lucy. If she’s allowed to continue on as a full-time member of the 118, she could be an invaluable asset to the show going forward. She has the potential to bond with every member on the team, and changing her into someone else instead of the “female Buck” allowed for her to be someone unique that wouldn’t feel like a replica of another character that has already been hanging around. With Eddie most likely returning to the team soon, Lucy’s future is up in the air. She was brought in to fill the void he left. The trailer for the Season 5 finale sees Bobby (Peter Krause) and Lucy in danger together, giving her another chance to prove her worth and her skills, offering a perfect opportunity for her permanent placement on the 118.

9-1-1 continues airing Mondays on FOX.

May 14, 2022  •  Joshua

Are there any romantic flames in Arielle Kebbel’s love life? In 2022, the actress joined the cast of 9-1-1 on FOX in a recurring role. She has previously been featured in series like The Vampire Diaries, Ballers, and even episodes of Robot Chicken. She has also appeared in films like The Grudge 2, John Tucker Must Die, and Fifty Shades Freed. Arielle has been tied to multiple romantic interests over the course of her career, but is she married? Here’s what we know.

Arielle currently stars in 9-1-1, a series that follows the lives and careers of emergency first responders in the city of Los Angeles. The series stars Angela Bassett, Connie Britton, and Ryan Guzman. In March 2022, Arielle was added to the cast as Lucy Donato, a confident and fearless firefighter who joins up with the 118 in her debut episode. While she’s only in a recurring role on the show, Arielle is no stranger to the spotlight. What are the deets on her relationship status?

Is Arielle Kebbel married?

The topic of Arielle Kebbel’s love life is checkered, to say the least. What we do know is that her past romances are well documented. FactCeleb reported that in 2012, she was dating a man named Aaron Bay-Schuck. But according to Celebily, she was in a relationship with American polo player Nic Roldan as of 2018. Reportedly, she and Nic had been very present on each other’s social media feeds. However, a quick scroll through her Instagram shows very few pictures of the man in question.

Recent reports make things even vaguer. In June 2020, Us Weekly reported that she was in yet another relationship. The article doesn’t mention a name but does reference an Instagram post made on June 25 of that year that made her relationship official. Interestingly enough, there is currently no post with that date on her feed. While she has many selfies of her next to past male co-stars like Dwayne Johnson and Jamie Dornan, she doesn’t mention anyone she might be seeing right now.

As for Arielle’s current relationship status, it’s difficult to say. There doesn’t seem to be too much information out there about the actress’s breakups or if there’s a special someone in her life as of now. Mentions of her love life on her social media are a tangled web of conflicting reports and hearsay.

This could mean a lot of things, though. She could very well have a burned bridge approach to her breakups where she scrubs her feeds of her past romances. If she is seeing anyone right now, she might be aiming to keep her personal details under wraps and spare her love life from the spotlight and gossip. Whatever the case is, it’s pretty clear that Arielle Kebbel would prefer to keep quiet about who she’s dating.

May 08, 2022  •  Joshua

Sadly, we didn’t get much of Arielle in this weeks episode but I did manage to get about 80 HD screencaptures from last nights episode of 9-1-1. Can’t wait to see what is in store for Arielle further this season!

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The newest firefighting cast member of “9-1-1” faced some very personal fears when she joined the hit Fox series about first responders.

“I’ve been terrified of fire my entire life. Yes, I did sign onto this job. But, my house burned down as a kid,” Arielle Kebbel, 37, told The Post, adding that she was around 4 years old at the time.

“I watched my mom carry my brother out of the house; my sister and I grabbed the animals. I have vivid memories of the smells of it, and the sound of the ambulance,” she said. “[The firefighters] saved our lives. So, when I first got this job, my family’s response was ‘How do you feel about that?’ because everyone knows that fire is hard for me. But, I felt like it was time to literally walk into the fire and face it.”

Now in its fifth season, “9-1-1″ (Mondays at 9 p.m.) follows the personal and professional lives of various LA-based first responders and the emergencies they face on the job. Among others, there’s patrol sergeant Athena Grant-Nash (Angela Bassett) and her husband, fire station 118 captain Bobby Nash (Peter Krause); caring, impulsive firefighter Evan “Buck” Buckley (Oliver Stark); Buck’s sister, Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt); loyal and even-tempered paramedic Henrietta “Hen” Wilson (Aisha Hinds); and lighthearted firefighter/ paramedic Howie “Chimney” Han (Kenneth Choi).

Kebbel plays Lucy Donato, a firefighter who works with the 118 team. She’s bold and confident, and in her introduction in the March 21 spring premiere, sparks flew between Lucy and Buck as they shared a kiss.

“Her backstory is that she has three brothers and comes from a family of cops. She’s the black sheep. She’s a firefighter instead, and she’s very proud of that decision,” said Kebbel. “Everyone’s had a lot to say about that Buck kiss. I’m excited in the episodes coming up [because] Lucy has some big rescues. A lot of her stuff is with Buck, but there’s also a nice moment between Lucy and Chimney.”

She hinted that if the show is renewed for a sixth season, the plotline leaves room for more developments with Lucy.

Kebbel, a veteran actress who’s been in a slew of movies and shows, including “John Tucker Must Die,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Gilmore Girls,” “90210,” and “Midnight, Texas,” said she’s no stranger to the level of physicality required by her “9-1-1” role.

“I grew up doing sports, and I used to want to be a professional horseback rider as my career. It’s naturally who I am, and I’ve enjoyed bringing that piece of athleticism to my characters,” she said. “But specifically, on ‘Midnight, Texas,’ because I played an assassin, I had to be so aware of set safety, and what it meant to have weapons on set, whether they were real or fake. I was excited [for ‘9-1-1’] because I’ve never played a firefighter before, and it’s the most physically demanding job I’ve ever done.

“They use real fire on the set. We have all of our gear on and are breathing out of oxygen tanks, and they’re very heavy,” she said. “It’s staged, but it’s real fire. So, what prepared me the most is learning how to speak up and be present and safe while we’re doing these stunts.”

She said her first fire stunt was “a big moment for me, emotionally and physically,” thanks to her past experience with fire as a child, but she felt supported by the cast and crew.

“I didn’t know what I was walking into [joining the show]. I was aware it was Season 5, I wasn’t sure if the cast was close … It’s like the first day of school, all over again,” she said. And I am so impressed with this cast and crew. It’s truly one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever been on. It’s hard mentally and physically, so the cast and crew’s camaraderie is the glue that holds things together.”

Mar 27, 2022  •  Joshua

When I was doing the gallery, for some reason I had skipped over the Bridal Wave project Arielle did for Hallmark. I have now ended up adding them into the gallery which includes stills, posters & artwork and promotional material including the screencaptures.

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