Hallelujah! Arielle Kebbel and Terry O’Quinn Back on ABC

This was the casting news from TV Line: “Arielle Kebbel has joined Marc Cherry’s Hallelujah, for ABC to portray a ‘sexy young siren’.” The actress and model’s resume includes John Tucker Must Die, Vampires Suck, The Vampire Diaries, Aquamarine and The Grudge 2.

THR says Hallelujah “centers on a stranger who comes to the small town of Hallelujah, Tenn. to bring justice, peace and restore the faith in the world the residents of the troubled town desperately need. Episodes will be punctuated by songs sung by a gospel choir, which serves as a Greek chorus of sorts.” Talk about creative.Kebbel’s vixen in this upcoming drama is named Veda Roman and Marc Cherry also created Desperate Housewives. Kebbel joins cast mates Jesse L. Martin as Jared and Frances O’Connor as Ruth. Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn is making his ABC come back to also appear in the hour long drama pilot.

The “Locke” actor also enjoyed stints on Alias, as FBI Director Kendall, The X-Files, The West Wing as General Nicholas Alexander, JAG, NCIS and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I hear O’Quinn’s character is a little nasty. He’ll play Del, a likable, but shady man of considerable wealth. Sounds like someone who will smile while they stab you in the back.

Source: BSC Review

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